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Saturday, 31 August 2013

The future of Windows Phone, should fear Android and iOS?

Currently, maximum mobile platforms rivalry occurs between iOS and Android, and although the second dominates in market share, the first dominates in revenue, so the competition continues without a clear winner, everything will depend on their strategies. But while the battle being waged up in your revenue and market share, slightly below the pyramid comes Windows Phone to safe passage and with strong growth. What seems ridiculous for some months ago, is now something that Google and Apple should take seriously, because this way it does not lack too much for Windows Phone is at the height of iOS and Android.

If we compare the figures of Microsoft, Windows Phone had only between 1 and 2% of market share in some markets last year, but have now reached up to 10, 15 or 20% in some part of the world, and in the United States its share accounts for 5%. This means a resurgence almost from the ashes for Windows Phone.

Last year would have been difficult to believe that Windows Phone could represent a risk for iOS and Android, but the numbers do not lie: the growth of Windows Phone is imminent in emerging markets. And it is precisely in developing markets where there is more possibility of growth, as developed markets are already near saturation.

Given this, it is in fact Google who should be more worried than Apple accelerated growth of Windows Phone. Yes, iOS has less market share than Android, but is partly that the Cupertino just move into the high-end segment of smartphones. The great bulk of the smart mobile is of middle and low range, and is where Android rules so far. But there is a possibility that this will change if Windows Phone grows more.

Why can Windows Phone succeed in the low range?

Unfortunately for Google, Android has been built so that its resource consumption requires large amount of hardware to run properly. It is not for nothing that the Samsung Galaxy to use up to 8 cores and the rest of the high range currently have at least 4 cores of processing, 2 GB of RAM, and large batteries. This is a measure to make the Android experience enjoyable for the user, but also makes significantly more expensive devices.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Mobile operating system can run smoothly with more modest hardware requirements. The 520 Lumia, for example, has a dual core processor at 1 Ghz and 512 MB of RAM, and with it Windows Phone 8 and many good quality graphics games run perfectly, without delays in the touch gestures or reboots or frozen screens. This is the weak point of Android.

Android so far had maintained the dominance of the low range, because competition was virtually among manufacturers that they only used Android, but we have seen great thrust of Nokia devices of low ranges and media even tend to medium and high for a comparable price or lower than other Android that do not have such a good performance.

Apple may lose some market share, but the scope of the high range is limited, and hence each who can have their slice of the pie without lawsuits. Android, iOS and Windows Phone, in a way everyone will have fans who buy high-end equipment and its market does not necessarily decrease significantly.

Google is aware of the problem with Windows Phone

While the growth of Windows Phone has been great, there is a great constraint for the next step: the suit of Google applications. And it is that they have become an important tool for productive life and leisure of people, which are an essential part of the decision to purchase of a smartphone.

It is not for nothing that Google so far has not offered its Windows Phone applications. The Mountain View company is aware that Windows Phone could represent a strong competition for its low-end equipment and has so far refused to provide Windows Phone applications such as Chrome, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail and others, that only would improve the image of Windows Phone to consumers.

In fact the company gave that they would create Google applications for Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 if the number of users of them grows, but it will be for these difficult to take the next step without the Google suite. However, we have seen that Microsoft and Nokia have no fear of attack directly to iOS and Android in their latest commercial.

The cost of Android and Windows Phone for manufacturers

Although Google provides Android freely to manufacturers, their set of core applications is not treated in the same way. In addition, manufacturers have to pay for the use of certain patents to Microsoft. In counterpart, Google also shares with gains of Google Play manufacturers, which helps ensure that its terminals are cheaper and at the same time avoids that they believe their own app stores.

By the side of Windows Phone, the problem is that Microsoft charges for each license by device between 20 and 30 dollars, something that slows down the possibility of growth or better prices. Nokia, for its part, gets certain reimbursements to the end because of its exclusivity with the platform, but is not case for HTC or Samsung, however, equipped with a poor supply and lack of commitment to Windows Phone.

It is here where Microsoft could leverage to promote the growth of Windows Phone again. Through the reduction or elimination of the cost of their licenses, could put pressure on manufacturers to seek a new strategy that combines perhaps Android and Windows Phone in different devices. With extra support, Microsoft platform could become a third position while the largest and eating part of the iOS and Android market share. 

Windows Phone growth comes from several sources, and if Microsoft knows to properly move your chips, could soon be irreversible leap toward greatness. 

Samsung starts mass producing DDR4 memory with using 20nm Process Technology

Samsung starts mass producing DDR4 memory:

The division of the Korean giant Samsung Electronics launched DDR4 memory in mass production. This new generation of RAM used chips manufactured in process of 20nm, representing a significant leap.

Thanks to the reduction of the manufacturing process and other internal improvements DDR4 memory, according to Samsung, is 25% faster than the DDR3 memory and consumes 30% less. Specifying a little, and to give you an idea, the rate of transfer of this type of memory is 2,667 Mb/s. In regards to the capacity of modules, these will come in 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB sizes.

It seems that the first modules that will be released will be 16 GB and 32 GB, which will be aimed at the professional market and to servers.

At the moment we do not have prices, but we imagine will be high, as often happens with the news. We do not know when will launch Samsung modules in sizes of 4 GB and 8 GB, more accessible to the normal user.

Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest maker of dynamic random access memory, on Friday said it had begun mass producing DDR4 memory, for next-generation enterprise servers in future data centers, using 20nm process technology. The first servers with DDR4 memory modules will become available sometimes in 2014.

Early market availability of the 4Gb DDR4 devices, which are made using 20nm-class process technology, will facilitate demand for 16GB and 32GB memory modules. The 4Gb-based DDR4 has the fastest DRAM data transmission rate of 2667MHz, 25% increase over 20nm-class DDR3, while lowering power consumption by more than 30%. Actual 32GB DDR4 DIMMs will operate at 2133MHz. 

Based on Samsung’s 20nm-class DRAM, the world’s highest performing and smallest 4Gb DRAM chip, the company has now developed the industry’s largest lineup of products tailored to applications from servers to mobile devices. This will provide global customers with the widest range of highly advanced low-power, high-performance green memory solutions.

With the introduction of these high-performance, high-density DDR4 modules, Samsung can better support the need for advanced DDR4 in rapidly expanding, large-scale data centers and other enterprise server applications.

In next-generation enterprise servers, the use of higher speed DRAM raises system level performance and lowers overall power consumption significantly. By adopting DDR4 memory technology early, OEMs can minimize operational costs and maximize performance to provide more favorable returns on investments.

Production of Samsung’s 20nm-class 4Gb DDR4 follows the introduction of 50nm-class 2Gb DDR3 in 2008, culminating in a full-fledged transition to DDR4 for large-scale data centers and other enterprise applications in just five years.

“The adoption of ultra-high-speed DDR4 in next-generation server systems this year will initiate a push toward advanced premium memory across the enterprise. After providing cutting-edge performance with our timely supply of 16GB DDR3 earlier this year, we are continuing to extend the premium server market in 2013 and will now focus on higher density and added performance with 32GB DDR4, and contribute to even greater growth of the green IT market in 2014,” said Young-Hyun Jun, executive vice president of memory sales and marketing at Samsung Electronics.

Samsung has begun mass production of the "industry's most advanced" DDR4 memory, destined for the next-generation of enterprise servers and data centers. The company is touting their DRAM as being the highest performing yet, while also reducing power consumption significantly compared to DDR3 RAM.

The 4-gigabit chips Samsung are producing, which use 20nm-class technology, will eventually make its way into 16 GB and 32 GB memory modules. The chips are expected to deliver a data transmission rate of 2.667 gigabits per second, which is 1.25x the speed achieved with 20nm-class DDR3 RAM.

In late 2012, JEDEC finalized the DDR4 specification, which promised more performance, reliablity and efficiency compared to current DDR3 modules. DDR4 DRAM will be capable of 1.6 GT/s (gigatransfers per second) to 3.2 GT/s per pin, while running at a lower 1.2 volts, down from the 1.5 volts required for DDR3 memory.

Samsung hasn't specified when their DDR4 RAM modules will be available to purchase, or how much they'll cost, but the company claims that through using their 4 Gb DDR4 chip, they've developed "industry's largest lineup of products tailored to applications from servers to mobile devices".

Earlier this year, a leaked Intel Xeon roadmap stated that DDR4 support would come to servers sometime in 2014 with 'Haswell-E' processors. Intel's 'Haswell-E' processors might also bring DDR4 support to desktop systems in the second half of 2014, as might 'Broadwell' around the same time, but Intel has yet to confirm support for the technology in any of their products.

HTC Desire 600c dual-SIM (GSM+CDMA) with it's specifications

After unveiling the mid-range HTC Desire 600 dual-SIM (GSM+GSM) smartphone for the Indian market, the Taiwanese major is all set to launch another variant of the phone, the HTC Desire 600c dual-SIM (GSM+CDMA). The handset has already been listed on HTC'official website.
The HTC Desire 600c dual-SIM measures 134.9x66.78x9.55mm and weighs 127 grams. It features a 4.5-inch qHD display. The device is powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor coupled with 1GB of RAM. It comes with 8GB of internal storage which is expandable up to 64GB via microSD card. The HTC Desire 600c dual-SIM sports an 8-megapixel rear camera with auto focus accompanied by an LED flash and is capable of 720p video recording. There is 1.6-megapixel front-facing camera with BSI sensor.
HTC Desire 600c also features dual frontal stereo speakers with built-in amplifiers. Connectivity options include 3.5mm audio jack, Micro-USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DLNA, GPS/AGPS and NFC. It also includes an 1860mAh battery.

The HTC Desire 600c dual-SIM is not a re-hash of its predecessor. Though the device sports almost the same specifications, it is not identical in design. The HTC Desire 600c dual-SIM is a CDMA variant and supports GSM+CDMA networks. The phone runs Android Jelly Bean with HTC Sense on top with BlinkFeed and other features. However, it's not clear at this stage whether the phone is running Android 4.1 or Android 4.2.
The HTC Desire 600 dual-SIM launched earlier this year for Rs. 26,990.

HTC Desire 600c technical specifications
  • 4.5-inch display
  • 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB internal storage, expandable up to 64GB via microSD card
  • 8-megapixel rear camera
  • 1.6-megapixel front shooter
  • Android Jelly Bean

Friday, 30 August 2013

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All iPhones images combination  of  iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4,  iPhone 4S,  iPhone 5,  iPhone 5c  and  iPhone5S.

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