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Friday, 31 May 2013

Another Small update of Windows 8.1 details may be you think these are slight

Before we launched Windows 7, envision what the next version of Windows should deliver. We bet that the industry and the outlook for the PC experience a significant transformation driven by an increase in mobility. That bet is shown in the changes we made to Windows 8 - is a generational leap forward. Windows 8 to build a world where touch is an interaction model class, like the mouse and keyboard, and where there is a proliferation of diverse and innovative mobile devices are a high rank, always moving and always connected. Windows 8 was built on the premise that the lines between our work and personal life are blurred.
We have just a little more than seven months in this bold new approach to the computation. The answer to Windows 8 has been substantial - from new devices to a strong increase in applications to key improvements to the operating system and applications. We have learned from our customers on how to use the product and have received a lot of comments. We have delivered hundreds of product updates and applications. We have just begun and the potential that lies ahead is tremendous.
Windows 8.1 is a bold step in the Windows 8 vision start to deliver the next generation of PC, tablets and a wide range of devices in the industry, and the experiences that customers - both consumers and the business end - need and expect to advance. Windows 8 is even better. Windows 8.1 not only respond to customer feedback, will also include new features and functionality that will enhance the tactile experience and potential of mobile computing. Windows 8.1 will offer enhancements in key areas such as personalization, search, integrated applications, Windows Store experience and connectivity in the cloud.Windows 8.1 also include big bets for business in areas such as management and security - more on this later during TechEd North America. This time, I'm excited to share a 'first look' to Windows 8.1 and highlight some of the improvements and changes that customers can see.
Personalization :
In Windows 8.1 may do more to personalize the experience to your device. As people started using Windows 8, we found that people use their lock screens to display pictures of their families. So in Windows 8.1 can turn your PC or tablet into a photo frame to turn your lock screen in a slide show - whether they are on the device or that are in the cloud SkyDrive. We also added the ability to take pictures with the integrated camera from the lock screen without entering.
Start High res screen
Windows 8.1 offers more colors and backgrounds for Home screen - and even some movement.
Start with wallpaper High res
You can choose your screen as your Home screen background, to create a greater sense of unity and familiarity. And the Start screen in Windows 8.1 presents a variety of sizes including new mosaic tiles large and small, so you can organize your Home screen as it is as you want it. Now is also much easier to name groups and rearranging tiles. They can choose different applications simultaneously, resize, uninstall or change its location. We also found that people moved accidentally mosaics on your Home screen so Windows 8.1, press and hold (or give right click) to move things.
You can see all the applications only move from the bottom and add the ability to filter your apps by name, install date, most used or by category. You wanted your Home screen out about all the things they love. So when you install a new Windows Store application, and not put on your Home screen. Now, find these applications in view applications as mentioned above and shall be marked as "new" where you can choose which applications you want to pin to your Home screen.
In Windows 8.1, the search button will provide comprehensive search results powered by Bing in a view rich, readable, integrated content from different sources (web, applications, files, SkyDrive, actions to be taken) to provide the best "answer" to your request. We believe that this will change in truth how you interact with the Web and allow Windows to do things more quickly and easily. It is the modern version of the command line!
Search High res
Quick Actions include things you want to do and play a song or video. Results of local files, applications and settings that can be accessed easily and conveniently in the same way downward displacement on the left side of the screen.
Applications and Windows Store:
Enhance our integrated applications that come with Windows 8 for Windows 8.1. For example, the Photos application now has new editing features that allow them to edit photos or adjust quickly when they see them on the Photos application or when the points open applications such as Mail, SkyDrive and Camera. And our Music application has been completely redesigned to help them select and play music from your collection. We plan to comment more on updates to applications built on Windows 8.1 and some new applications that will show in future publications.
We have also made improvements to use multiple applications simultaneously in Windows 8.1.
Multitasking High res 
Windows 8.1 offers split-screen view sizes and continuous variables. They will have more ways to view multiple applications on the screen at the same time. You can change the size of the applications to the size you choose, screen sharing between two applications, or have up to three applications on each screen if they have multiple monitors connected, may have different Windows Store applications running on all monitors at once Home screen and can be kept open on a monitor. This makes multi-task even easier. Also in Windows 8.1 can have multiple windows of the same application at the same time fixed - for example, two Internet Explorer windows.
The improved Windows Store in Windows 8.1 is designed to display more information than before with detailed lists of the best free apps, new releases and suggestions for you on the main screen. The list of applications is far more descriptive and informative and includes an area for applications related to assist in the application discovery. The categories are listed with other commands as links to applications and information applications for your account. The application updates are installed automatically in the background and come from the Store. And the search is available on the top right to find applications they want.
Connectivity in the Cloud:
In Windows 8.1 your files can be stored directly to SkyDrive so you always have your files with you.
SkyDrive High res
The new SkyDrive application gives you access to your files on your device or in the cloud and available files even when disconnected.
Also, when entering your Windows 8.1 device with its own Microsoft (Outlook.com default), your device, so magical, you customize your settings and applications, making it easy to change or configure a new device.
PC Settings:
The update settings in Windows 8.1 PC gives them access to all your settings on your device without having to go to the Control Panel in the Desktop. They can do things like change the screen resolution, adjust power options, view details and model of the PC, change the product key to activate Windows Update, and even join a domain - everything from PC Settings. They can even manage SkyDrive from PC Settings and see the storage capacity they have available (and buy more if needed).
Internet Explorer:
The web browsing remains one of the most popular activities on any device. That's why Windows Internet Explorer 8.1 will get 11 (IE11). IE11 is built with IE10 improvements and is the only browser that is built for touch. IE11 will offer better performance touch, page load times faster and many other new features that we enjoy. For example, you can now adjust the appearance of the modern IE11 forever show the address bar and can have many tabs open like. And you can access your open tabs on your other Windows 8.1 devices synchronized.
Best keyboard and mouse options
The PC evolve to a world of mobile computing where people interact with their devices through touch, and designed Windows 8 for this. To also recognize that there are many non-touch devices today - especially in the commercial area. Because of this, we have focused on a number of improvements to ensure that people who use mouse and keyboard to navigate more easily.
We have improved the way you navigate to Start with the mouse to change 'marker' Home by the familiar Windows logo. The new marker appears whenever you move the mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen and is always visible in the taskbar when they are on the desktop. There are also options to change what they do corners and options to boot into alternating screens. For example, if you prefer the view of applications against all the tiles, you can choose the Home screen directly go to the Applications view.
These are just some updates coming in Windows 8.1. Post more about these and other changes later. As you have heard of us before, Windows 8.1 will be available later in the year as a free upgrade for customers of Windows 8 from Windows Store as applications get updates today.
As of June 26 with the start-time and Build, our developer conference, you may review these improvements for yourself with a preview of Windows 8.1 to be released. In Build will also share more about Windows Embedded, which will be updated in the same time frame of Windows 8.1. further align the platform to bring Windows form factors of all types, including not only PC tablets and also the growing category of devices such as ATM, terminals Point of Service (POS) and kiosk.
Windows 8 has been a bold and necessary move towards mobility for the PC industry - we have driven ourselves and our industry with a focus towards the tact that redefines the PC as we know, as we offer the best of all worlds between any device at any time. Our commitment to that vision - and always looking to improve - and we kept in the course of the evolution of Windows with Windows 8.1. We have seen and heard, Windows 8.1 will continue to grow based on what you like to include the latest advances in hardware, applications, cloud services and the OS to enable a unique experience in everything that you do.
There's more to come. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

LG Optimus G Pro with 5.5-inch 1080p display and Snapdragon heart coming to India in June

LG has announced that it will be launching its flagship large screen smartphone, the Optimus G Pro in many Asian markets including India, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam and Malaysia starting May 30.
This implies that the phone will be launched in the Indian market before the end of June. The Optimus G Pro was launched in South Korea, earlier this year and the phone also made it to the US market last month.

"LG's Optimus G Pro sets a new benchmark in the over 5-inch display smartphone category which is catching on with consumers everywhere who aren't interested in owning both a phone and a tablet," said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. "Asian customers are leading many of today's technology trends and we're confident Optimus G Pro will find a large following in this region."

The Optimus G Pro is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, which features a 1.7GHz quad-core CPU and Adreno 320 GPU. It has 2GB of RAM. The phone features a 5.5-inch display that has a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels with a pixel density of 400ppi. It runs Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

The phone sports a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 2.1-megapixel front facing camera. It has an internal storage of 32GB expandable up to 64GB via microSD card. The phone features a large 3,140mAh battery.

The LG Optimus G Pro also comes with features like Dual Camera and Dual Recording allowing users to capture pictures or videos with both the front and rear cameras simultaneously, VR Panorama that allows shots of entire horizontal and vertical environments for a full 360-degree view, Pause and Resume Recording that allows for the recording of short snippets of video which can be viewed as one continuous file and Smart Video that recognizes the position of the viewer's eyes and automatically plays or stops the video without any manual input from the user.

Twitter app update with version 5.6 for iOS and Android brings new composer and more Notification settings

Twitter has released updates for its iOS and Android apps bringing new features and a minor redesign.
The update a brings new features including picture previews in the tweet composer and easy access to picture gallery in the composer. The change reduces the number of steps involved in selecting and uploading pictures via the apps, as the tweet composer displays the pictures within the app. The tweet composer now also includes the user's profile picture and account name which was previously missing. It's also easier to add or remove the location as it can be now done right from the tweet box.

Twitter has also made user interface design changes in timeline view offering wider and taller timelines in all parts of the app including profiles, search, and discover. Previously there was a white border visible throughout.

The above features have been pushed to both the iOS as well as the Android app.

The update also includes richer notifications for Android users. With the update, users will now see more details about their interactions on Twitter right in the notifications drawer. They'll be able to swipe the notification to expand and see more details in the drawer.

The apps will also notify the user when their friends join Twitter.

Twitter had previously updated its apps, earlier this month. The update brought trends from over 100 new locations. The updated iOS app also allowed users to invite friends to join Twitter from within the app. In addition to this, the Twitter iOS app version 5.6 also introduced improved playback of Vine videos along with some minor bug fixes.

Twitter had recently introduced two-factor authentication to beef up security following a spate of attacks on accounts of prominent media outlets including the Associated Press, the Financial Times and The Onion.

Apple 5th Generation ipod touch realised with 16 GB and later on 32 GB and 64 GB on september

Apple has listed a new 16GB variant of its iPod touch music player on its website pricing it at $229.
The iPod touch variant features a 4-inch Retina display with 1136x640 pixels resolution and is powered by a dual-core A5 processor. It also features a front-facing FaceTime HD camera in the same form factor as that of the 5th Generation iPod touch that takes 1.2-megapixel photos and records 720p video.

It's interesting to observe that Apple has stripped this variant of the iPod touch of some features to cut costs. Unlike the ffth generation iPod touch, the new 16GB variant of the music player does not feature a rear camera and the lanyard hook. It comes with Apple's new EarPod in-ear headphones and a Lightning to USB cable and promises the same battery life as that of the fifth generation iPod touch offering 40 hours of music and 8 hours of video playback. The other feature set remains the same as that of the fifth generation iPod touch though the player weighs 2 grams less at 86 grams.

The new iPod touch variant is only available in Silver colour and has gone on sale in the US.

It's also worth pointing out that Apple has now discontinued the 16GB and 32GB versions of the fourth generation iPod touch.

Apple had unveiled the fifth generation iPod touch in 32GB and 64GB storage variants in September 2012. The iPods sport a 4-inch Retina display screen with a 1136x640 pixels resolution, just like the iPhone 5. Apple had claimed that the new iPod touch is its thinnest ever at 6.1mm, sporting a lighter anodised aluminium body weighing only 88grams.

The front-facing camera was upgraded to allow 720p video recording while the rear-facing iSight-branded camera had been bumped to 5-megapixels with autofocus and LED flash, a new Panorama mode and support for 1080p video recording with video image stabilisation. Apple had also introduced the 8-pin "Lightning" dock connector that is reversible and can be used with other accessories with the fifth generation iPod touch. The device also includes support for Bluetooth 4.0 and dual-band 802.11n.

The 32GB and 64GB iPod touch versions come in five colours- Black, Silver, Blue, Yellow and Red. While the 32GB iPod touch costs $299, the 64GB variant is priced at $399

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

MSI Z87 MPower Details of small review with images

MSI Z87 MPower

The company MSI has prepared a perfect motherboard for overclockers and demanding users (gamers, music lovers, etc.) that will make use of fourth generation Intel Core Z87 chipset and socket LGA 1150 processors.

It is a bumper plate range with a superb finish and features which, both on paper and in the use of every day become differential elements.

MSI has managed to create a plate with a good system of cooling with heatpipe chipset and VRM area completed with high quality materials that are able to fulfill perfectly its task under intense stress. He has in fact gotten OC Certification Certified that it is noted that correre Prime95 program can with a CPU with high overclock for no less than 1 full day, read 24 hours.

Technical details and complete specifications can read them in perfect Spanish in the web gaming of MSI, but want to comment on featured:

Military components 4 Class: Hi-c and Dark-Cap, chokes solid capacitors of ferrite, etc.
Virtu MVP that allows you to take advantage of the graphic power of heterogeneous GPU configurations, i.e., take advantage of the Integrated GPU and one or more AMD / NVIDIA.
Buttons for simple overclock and CMOS reset without opening the box.
Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth.
Network card Killer E2205 which promises a very low ping.
Sound Blaster Cinema: Lac 7.1 sound card + sound amplifier integrated with ability to move up to auticulares 600 ohm.
System of dual BIOS with a simple graphical interface to use

In fact the company has tested a Haswell Core processor i7 4770 k running from serious to 3.5 GHz at a rate of 4.2 GHz with the graphics running at 1150 MHz. With this overclock is achieved some scores - accompanied of a GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 - P9813 11, 33.501 3DMark 3DMark 06 either results in benchmarks in resolution Full HD games:

Call of Juarez: 157
Resident Evil 5: 265,4
Street Fighter IV: 461,63

With Cinebech R11.5 we reach a score of 8.54 multiple-core rendering.

I.e. the plate base MSI is shown as a good starting point to get a stable overclock that also comes loaded with full connectivity system: 4 slots of RAM DDR3, 3-slot PCIex16, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, 10-port SATA 6 Gb/s, 16-port USB (8 USB 3.0 8 USB 2.0), mSATA and 4 PCIe x 1.

You will reach the market this imminent in June when Intel announce officially the chips Intel Haswell. We will have a very moved month with Computes and the solutions Intel Haswell landings.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Chaser A31 Snow edition mid-tower chassis of new design

The newest member of Chaser gaming series, sleek and classy white enclosure made for gamers to gear with the latest gaming component, offering not only style and personality but an exceptional combination of cooling, performance and expandability for gaming purists to ensure true enjoyment while in or out of the game.

The pristine white metal meshed highlighted with blue fluorescence stripes on the front panel combine with a large transparent side window panel, it hard not to leave your eye off it.
Top panel has implemented two of latest data transfer SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, a HD microphone and headset jacks, plus a placement platform for users’ electronic devices such as USB/drives/mobile/MP3.

Case TypeMid Tower
Dimension (H x W x D)501 x 212 x 495mm (19.7 x 8.4 x 19.5 inch)
Net Weight6.5 kg/14.4 lb
Side PanelTransparent Window
ColorExterior & Interior : Black & White
Cooling SystemFront (intake) :
120 x 120 x 25 mm Turbo fan x 1 (1000rpm, 16dBA)
120 x 120 x 25 mm (optional)
Rear (exhaust) :
120 x 120 x 25 mm Blue LED fan (1000rpm,16dBA)
Top (exhaust) : (optional)
120 x 120 x 25 mm fan x 2 or 140 x 140 x 25 mm fan x 2
Bottom (Intake) : (optional)
120 x 120 x 25 mm fan
Drive Bays- Accessible : 3 x 5.25’’ , 1 x 3.5’’
(Converted from one 5.25” drive bay)
- Hidden : 6 x 3.5’’ or 2.5’’
Expansion Slots7
Motherboards9.6” x 9.6” (Micro ATX), 12” x 9.6” (ATX)
I/O PortsUSB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio x 1
I/O PortsStandard PS2 PSU (optional)
I/O PortsSupports 1/2”、3/8”、1/4” water tube
Radiator SupportTop: 1 x 120mm or 2 x 120mm
Rear: 1 x 120mm
OtherCPU cooler height limitation: 160mm
VGA length limitation:
290mm(with HDD rack)
410mm(without HDD rack)

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
* The product picture(s) is only for your reference, it may differ from the actual product.

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SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator v8.0

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator v8.0 [Full]

File: WinRaR
Weight: 4.9 Mb
(According to PC Magazine) top Internet Accelerator, an optimizer's network settings to speed up your existing modem Dial-Up, DSL, Cable, Wireless, LAN, connections to high-speed Internet. Speed?Connect Internet Accelerator is a powerful Windows application designed to optimize your network connection and speed up all your Internet activities. This translates into a faster Internet connection, faster browsing and email, faster downloads, games online faster, a better connection of Skype.

The speed of your network connection depends not only on the speed of your hardware. Windows is an operating system that is designed to work in a variety of different hardware and network configurations.

Due to the abstract nature of the operating system, it can not be optimized for specific hardware configurations of the user. Depending on the type of network connection that has, you may be able to adjust your connection so that the speed of your Internet connection as well as your local area network, will be faster. By changing the system registry and optimization of parameters of TCP / IP, SpeedConnect can adjust the values to take advantage of connections more reliable and fast Internet access.

Download link (1) :-> 

Download link (2) :-> www.archivosx.mex.tl

Microsoft's windows 8 highlite description with comparring to apple officially itseems

Microsoft teases iPad in his latest campaign ad Microsoft has just officially launched a new advertising campaign where clearly mocked the few advantages it can bring to the consumer an iPad with a tablet with Windows 8. The Redmond-based company we are getting used in recent months to campaign criticism against competition but at the same time truly original as well, opening a new Microsoft advertising battle against Apple.

With the slogan "less talk, more work" the new Microsoft spot shows a parody of the television campaign that Apple launched globally earlier this year on the occasion of the launch of the new iPad mini, where you can see as the Siri of the Apple device begins to return negative responses to the actions of the consumerall this while Microsoft shows all the advantages that it supposed to face the end user have a tablet with Windows 8.

It seems that this new announcement from Microsoft is the lead-in to a new advertising campaign of high level where criticize the Apple brand, as if they did with Google, Scroogled campaign. Remember that Microsoft launched Scroogled at the end of last year to extol honest product searches for the season of Christmas shopping through Bing.

Mike Nichols, Corporate Vice President of Bing, was presented this campaign which was intended to alert of what Google has done recently in its search results from Christmas.

Instead of displaying the most relevant search results for consumers, Google Shopping decided to display prominently the products that have paid to advertise. Traders could literally pay to display their product offerings above others in the compass of Google section, even though they are more expensive or lower quality for the consumer.

According to Microsoft, this was not right, was a hoax. It is not what consumers expect to get when they carry out searches and could lead to a general confusion preventing consumers the best products, whether they have paid or not see Google. Scroogled campaign followed over time criticizing aspects such as the lack of security in the Google Play Store and doesn't seem that you have even finished this war against androids.

G Data 2014 generation Security solution of high level

G Data presents its 2014 generation security solutions to end user:

The family of security solutions for the individual user, the so-called generation 2014 which is composed of G Data AntiVirus 2014, G Data InternetSecurity 2014 and G Data TotalProtection 2014, products has been presented in Spain with new technology G Data CloseGap, which fuses protection based on firms with a series of proactive technologies as analysis in the cloudthe online reputation and the analysis services Geolocated, for example.

Eddy Willens, an expert on security, took advantage of the launch of the new end user of G Data solutions to "draw" the current landscape of security. The reality is that every day 150,000 new threats, almost all of which confirm as guided by the economic benefit.

Major security issues facing users include Botnets, with more than 36 million malicious URLs that can infect our computers. These Botnets are used primarily to carry out spam, phishing, theft of data and DDoS attacks for the sake of achieving fame and prestige.

Another big threat for users can be found in banking online. Except that a phishing attack will suffer and the deluded user enters a web that is not the real, the truth is that the banking safety online is guaranteed throughout the process, except in the user's browser. A Trojan perfectly can be done with keys that the user types in your browser and then impersonate your identity.

The main problem is that against this current scene full of threats, the future also "look" very clear. In particular, Eddy Willens speaks of more attacks on apps for mobile devices (Android is the second operating systems more infected in the world, behind only Windows), attacks to get encoded data in the cloud, more use of social engineering, Botnets that infect internal networks of enterprises, targeted attacks of pilferage and cibersabotaje, and more security threats for SMEs.

To combat this, G Data has renewed its AntiVirus InternetSecurity and TotalProtection products. G Data CloseGap technology (which will come to solutions of corporate security from G Data around the month of October), the fight against malware combines a wide range of proactive technologies with signature-based protection.

One of these proactive technologies is, for example, the module called BankGuard, which protects in real time of banking Trojans without resorting to firms antivirus in a case where, because these threats have very short life cycles, listed firms do not offer sufficient guarantees.

G Data CloseGap receives upgrades additional on each update, so that its functionality is easily adaptable to new threats and changing scenarios typical of the evolution of malware. This means that users and their information are permanently protected, even against unknown attacks.

Briefly, the main novelties of the generation 2014 are:

G Data CloseGap, which improves the global anti-malware protection and reduces the consumption of resources.
New Autostart Manager feature to improve the teams start and start the PC as "the first day".
Improved BankGuard module to ensure the safety of banking online.
New simpler and more intuitive user interface.
Improved system of analysis of suspicious behaviour to optimize detection of unknown threats.
G Data TotalProtection 2014, new device for protection from external devices such as USB, hard disk drives, DVDs, etc. readers
Versions for three PCs include 6 months for free.
Active licensed customers may upgrade to the new generation 2014 completely free and automatically.

The prices of these solutions are (annual license):

G Data AntiVirus 2014: 24.95 euro for 1 PC and 39.95 euros for 3 PCs (six months of more free).
G Data InternetSecurity 2014: 34,95 euro for 1 PC and 49.95 euro for 3 PCs (six months of more free).
G Data TotalProtection 2014: 44,95 EUR 59.95 euros to 1 PC to 3 PCS (six months of more free).

SF-Reboot-To Final Dual booting tool

SF-Reboot-To Final - The solution to Dual Boot of windows [Official Link]

Choose which operating system boot following or reboot your computer easily

Reboot-To is a simple and easy to use that it runs in the system tray and lets you choose which operating system to boot next. 
This application is useful for those who have more than one operating system installed on your computer. With a single click, you will be able to restart your computer.


Microsoft Windows Operating System

.NET framework 4

Support List:

Window Vista - Reboot to is supported

Windows 7 - Reboot to is supported and install is supported

Windows 8 - Reboot to is supported and install is supported

Windows Server 2008 R2 - Reboot to is supported and install is supported

Windows Server 2012 - Reboot to is supported and install is supported

Ubuntu (wubi) - Reboot to is supported

Ubuntu Server (wubi) - Reboot to is supported 

Download link :- http://download.sysfunctions.com/download.php?file=SFRT

Microsoft Windows Mouse with windows button and Awesome lookup too

Microsoft launches two mice with Windows button: Sculpt and Sculpt mobile:

Microsoft has just announced two new peripherals that come in the form of mouse and offer a new feature in focada mainly for users of Windows 8. As we know Windows 8 has two major interfaces: - the traditional desktop - and Modern UI - the new with its live tiles and others. With these mice, known as Sculpt offers the possibility to go to the beginning of the second interface by simply pressing the button dedicated to it.

I.e., Microsoft still does not integrate the daily required start button to the desktop interface in Windows 8, but it integrates the button in their new mice. The functionality of this button is the same in Windows 8 when you press on the keyboard Windows key, i.e., you are going to the initial position of Modern UI.
Reach a price of 39.95 dollars Sculpt mouse with Bluetooth connectivity and will be released in June. You can see it on these lines and also the Sculpt model mobile which is focused for laptop users, with a smaller size and a small RF USB transmitter/receiver to connect to the PC. This model will be priced at $29.95 and you will see ants light completed this month.